Friday, March 20, 2009

Bitter Pill page 2!

And here we are with page 2! I may change the color of the captions boxes, but for now it's all done!

A little background on my coloring style for these pages. I started the book out with mostly warm colors because it fit with the theme of fear, and the intensity I wanted for the first page and a half. Reds and oranges, etc.

As he gets closer to (Salvation? Help? A way out?) the page takes on a calmer, cooler color palette. He may seem cornered, but there's something better waiting on the next page. I did keep to using warmer colors for the dogs in panel 5 though.

I'm not sure how well it works right now, but hopefully after page 3 is up, it will all make sense.

Please comment, critique, etc. I'm all growed up now and can take it.

- C

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logos728 said...

Great stuff and the more expressionistic you get the better. Bitter Pill lapes into the abstract as a device to begin with so the more personal ideas you bring to it the better. In short great idea on the color scheme.