Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slings and roundabouts.

So, this week has been one crazy roller coaster ride. It started off with drinking and The IT Crowd with friends, breakfast with Carl Storm the next day, and then hiking at the Brea Dam. I was having a great week.

Then, yesterday, my mom apparently had a stroke or something.

She went into the hospital yesterday in the early morning. She was having Migraine symptoms the night before, and I thought that was just what it was. I didn't find out until 2:00 pm or so, when my younger brother called. She had lost sensitivity on her right side, and had jumbled speech. It is hard to have a conversation with her right now, just because of the frustration you see on her face when she can't find the right words. You can tell she knows exactly what to say, but the words get lost on the way out. It's like when you leave something somewhere deliberately and someone moves it when you aren't looking. She had an MRI today, but we still don't know exactly what happened. She seems to be getting better though. I'm worried. I guess we'll find out more tomorrow when her primary doctor comes in.

I lost my dad in 1999. We were never that close, up until he helped me move to Washington state. We talked the whole drive up there, and I learned some really cool and interesting things I never knew about him. He had been in poor health for years, with kidney and liver problems, so it wasn't a surprise when he passed away. I wasn't even sad, because he had lived a great long life, and it was his time. He was born in 1921.

I'm not ready to lose my mom though.


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