Monday, October 13, 2008

Bitter Pill Update.

Well, we are on our way with Bitter Pill.

Some background for those of you unfamiliar with the book.

I worked on a short redneck horror comic with writer Mike Colbert a few years back. He in turn was working on Crazy Mary at the time with artist J.K. Woodward (IDW's Fallen Angel). Mike and J.K. co-created a pitch for a comic called Bitter Pill. Then J.K. started working on Fallen Angel with Peter David (as well as X-Men Origins: Beast), and I suppose was a little too busy for Bitter Pill.

So, Mike pitched me the idea over a year ago, and I brought it back up right before Comic-Con in July. Mike, J.K. and I hung out at Comic-Con and discussed the book, and it just seemed that this book had to happen. The excitement was back!

We decided to have multiple artists to give it an anthology feel, with J.K.'s fantastic paintings gracing the covers. And we were off!

I have finished two of the stories up to this point, with one left to go. We have brought in a fantastic new talent in Willie Tarkington to work on a couple more. We should be pitch ready by next year's Comic-Con.

So, here's a sneak peek at Bitter Pill! This is from the story "The Void" All the stories are completely seperate, but link together to tell a lmuch larger story. Click the pics to view them larger.


- Carl

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