Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sketch Dump Time!

Here we go! A couple new pieces, and a whole lotta old! Some of these are pretty big, but I am far too lazy to resize them at this juncture.

This is page one of a Phantom short I am working on. The Phantom was the character that got me reading comics, and it's been great finally working on this.

First off with the old stuff, here's a pin-up I did for Digital Webbing Presents that didn't end up getting used. I really did my best to do this character some justice, but there were so many good entries that there was no way mine would make it in.

These next two were for the Sand Diego Comic Con souvenir book. Only the Gumby made it in, unfortunately.

This next one is a poster mock-up for a book I will be doing eventually. The colors may change a bit, but this is pretty much what the character will look like. It is a supernatural, film noir, political, superhero thriller taking place in the 1920's.

- Carl

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