Monday, August 21, 2006

Here we go!

Since I haven't had the time to finish re-doing my website, I thought an art blog would be in order. This is where you will find updates and information about the books I'm currently working on, as well as any other art I can cram in here. Lets start off with an oldie but goodie.

Here are the original inks to the Doom Patrol/Metal Men piece. Again with the brushes. I really wanted it to have that Silver Age look to it, and I think it turned out great.

This, while being a tribute to the silver age, was also an excuse to draw a big fight scene. Take it from me, these things are hard and time consuming. I probably went through 3 or 4 drafts before settling on one I liked. I have a lot more respect for George Perez now because he makes it seem so easy.

I will be posting a lot more in the next few weeks. Right now I am working on not one, but two projects.

The first is a four pager for Mike Colbert's (Crazy Mary) new title Bitter Pill. This series is going to be awesome, and even though I am extremely busy I couldn't pass up the chance to work with Mike again after our last story. Mike is an amazing writer and conceptualist. I will post more info on this as it comes in.

Number two is called Shadows Of Sam. It's co-created by me and my good friend Carl Storm. This is some very high concept stuff, and it will be taking us a while to get it finished, but will be worth the wait. This book will be like nothing else out there. Here's a preview.

Well, there you go. Keep checking back for more sneak peeks and info. This upcoming year is ging to be amazing!

- C

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